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Tonic Newsletter – 18th September 2017

Download our latest Newsletter written by our specialist Tonic Weight Loss Team. Our updates provide amazing insights into Health, Wellbeing and essential Weight Loss Advice and information. Download and find out more. Tonic newsletter 18 September 2017 - Protein Your Secret Weight-Loss Weapon...  

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Tips To Help Avoid Late Night Snacking

  Follow our top tips to help you avoid late night snacking... 1. Eat a good healthy dinner so your less hungry - ensuring it includes lean protein, vitamin packed vegetables, fibre and whole grains. 2. Treat yourself in other ways - run a bath and read a book, try meditation or yoga, paint your nails so you cant stick your hand in a bag of crips, start a new hobby, try adult colouring books or write a diary. 3. Go to bed earlier - you should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a night. You wi...  

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Tonic Weight Loss Surgery UK Tips to help avoid late night snacking