TONIC WLS Payment Terms and Conditions

Cancellation of surgery by you will incur the following costs:

If you wish to cancel, please notify your patient coordinator who will send you an electronic

cancelation form to complete.

Cancellation – If you cancel your surgery within 14 days of booking (Paying your deposit), you will incur a £125.00 admin charge and costs for any assessments carried out by the aftercare

If you cancel your surgery, you will lose your non-refundable £750.00 deposit.
If you cancel 21 days prior to surgery, then you will lose 50% of the cost of the surgery.
If you cancel 14 days prior to surgery, then you will lose 75% of the cost of the surgery.


  • In the event of a same-day cancellation on the surgery day, the full cost of the procedure will be forfeited, and an alternative operation date will not be provided.
  • Cancellations due to known but undisclosed pre-existing medical conditions which were known by the patient but were undisclosed by the patient prior to booking the procedure will not be refunded and will be treated by Tonic as a material breach of contract by the patient and the full cost as set out in the patient post consultation quote will be payable by the patient.
  • Any cancellations made on medical grounds by the patient will require the patient to provide proof of the condition, including date of knowledge, from their GP or medical team providing their treatment.
  • Failure to settle the full balance 14 working days prior to the scheduled procedure will result in the immediate cancellation of your surgery.
  • If the procedure is cancelled on the grounds of non-payment by Tonic Weight Loss Surgery the patient will be invoiced for and be liable to pay Tonic Weight Loss Surgery administration & other costs which will not be more than 75% of the total cost of the procedure. In these circumstances an invoice will be raised which should be paid within 14 days from the date of the invoice

Rescheduling Fees

if you need to reschedule the procedure date for any reason, an administration fee will apply as follows:

  • £50 if rescheduled with 21 days prior to date of admission.
  • £75 if rescheduled with 14 days prior to date of admission.
  • £175 if rescheduled with 7 days prior to date of admission.
  • £225 if rescheduled 5 days’ notice prior to the date of admission.


  • Should you decide to postpone your surgery, TONIC will retain your funds and allocate them to the new surgery date. It is imperative to reschedule within a 6-month timeframe, and please note that surgery can only be postponed on a maximum of two separate occasions.
  • In the event that medical investigations lead to the postponement of your surgery, TONIC will retain the entire funds until the investigations are concluded. If the outcome permits the
    procedure to proceed, a new date will be arranged. However, if, following investigations, medical issues prevent the surgery, a refund will be issued, deducting the booking deposit and
    any fees incurred by TONIC


  • TONIC retains the right to reschedule a patient’s surgery or treatment dates if deemed unavoidable. In the event of short-notice cancellations, patients will not be reimbursed. Every
    effort will be made to organise a new date within a reasonable timeframe from the original postponed date.
  • Should there be any concerns with your blood results, leading to the postponement of the scheduled surgery, the procedure will be rescheduled once your blood results align with the
    necessary requirements for surgery. No additional costs will be incurred for this rescheduling.
  • If during your weight loss procedure, the surgeon is unable to perform the procedure due to discovering a complication that deems the surgeon unable to proceed with the planned procedure in his clinical opinion, your surgery will be abandoned. In such instances, you will receive a refund of any outstanding funds, excluding hospital charges for the treatment.
  • If while in hospital during your admission your required to go back to theatre due to a complication, this will be covered.
  • Should it prove necessary for the patient to return to theatre for any revision surgery which is not as a direct result of any surgical complication caused by the operating surgeon, then a
    further reduced fee would be charged to the patient.
  • If your procedure is abandoned intra-operatively due to unforeseen medical conditions, TONIC will retain sufficient funds to cover the costs incurred by the company as reasonably deemed fit.
  • Early removal of the Gastric Balloon will not be entitled to a refund of any funds.


  • The price you are quoted at the time of booking is the price to be honoured, if you are changed a higher fee as your BMI is over 50 upon booking this will stand. If you bmi falls below 50 at your pre op or day of surgery, there will be no refund applied for this.


  • Patients booking a procedure within 14 working days of their admission date must make full payment at the time of booking and are required to sign a waiver form, relinquishing their
    cancellation rights during the cooling-off period.


  • Please note any refunds take up to 28 days to process.


TONIC reserve the right to refuse surgery.

  • Psychotherapist Assessment Review – If you have self-harmed, or had thoughts of self-harm we will need to wait for 6 months from the incident before surgery can proceed. If there has been a suicide attempt, we would need to observe a waiting period of 12 months from the incident before proceeding with the surgery. Should our assessments indicate that you are not mentally stable and adequately prepared for the surgery, we reserve the right to cancel the operation. In such cases, a refund will be offered, deducting the £750.00 deposit payment.

Medical Team

  • If abnormalities are detected in the pre-operative investigations, Tonic holds the right to cancel your surgery. In such instances, a refund will be issued, deducting the £750.00 deposit

Excluded from the aftercare Package

  • TONIC do not provide any testing after surgery; these will need to be privately funded if your GP is unable to assist.
  • Any extended stay in hospital once your consultant has advised you are fit for discharge from hospital, is not included in this package and will have to be arranged and paid for by yourself. Medication prescribed after you have been discharged from the hospital.
  • Personal costs such as telephone, alcoholic drinks, newspapers, and visitors’ meals and/or refreshments during your stay in hospital
  • Care you receive that is not related to your obesity surgery, including treatment of complications that arise after 28 days post-surgery.
  • Transportation to and from the hospital is not provided.
  • Post surgery food is not provided.
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