Tonic Tool Kit Bundle

Everything you need to help with post-surgery weight loss! Our Tonic Tool Kit Bundle is included for free with every surgery as a part of our 5-year aftercare package.

£90 include in your aftercare package

Tonic Bundle

The perfect bundle to help you shed the pounds and keep them off post surgery.

  • Tonic Bariatric Plate – For perfect portion control.
  • Resistance Band – For low impact fitness.
  • Tonic Water Bottle – To keep hydrated.
  • Tonic Tape Measure – Monitor progress as you lose inches.
  • VHP Go Tonic App – 3 months’ access to our amazing mobile app.
  • VitMyLife Vitamins – Free 1 month supply of nutritious vitamins.
  • Tonic Cutlery Set – Convenient, portable cutlery set.
  • Weight Loss Surgery Awareness Card – Discreet card to aid with ordering.
  • Tonic Whey Protein – Delicious whey protein for a protein boost!
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