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Summer Holiday! β˜€οΈ Wow, this transformation is an inspiration to all! Look how fantastic @sleevinglau now, embracing her new body with confidence. I bet the first summer holiday felt incredible, feeling confident and empowered. 🌟 

#SummerTransformation #BodyConfidence #Inspiration  #GivingBackLives
Check out the incredible before and after transformation of our patient Becca! 🌟 Wow, look at the difference! Your journey inspires us all! πŸ’ͺ 

#FaceToFaceFriday #Transformation #Inspiration #GivingBackLives
We love the Tonic Weight Loss Surgery community! πŸ’™ Exciting news: We've just launched a new community space on our website called the Tonic Channel! 🌟 Here, you can discover inspiring before and after stories and stay updated with our latest news. This space is exclusively for YOU! Check it out now! 

#TonicCommunity #BeforeAndAfter #TonicChannel #GivingBackLives
Happy Father's Day to all our male Tonic patients πŸ’™

We are incredibly proud to share stories like Paul's, who says, "Tonic has given me a chance to give my kids a dad and me a life."

Being obese and overweight can not only prevent you from doing things you love but also affect relationships, such as getting involved in your kids' or grandkids' lives. It's important to feel good and be healthy for yourself and your loved ones.

Today, we celebrate all the fathers who have made the decision to create a healthier life! 

#FathersDay #WeightLossJourney #HealthyLiving #LifeTransformation #TonicPatients #FamilyFirst #HealthAndWellness #HappyFathersDay #GivingBackLives
πŸ₯— Power Up Your Lunch with High-Protein Ideas from Our Dietician, Lisa. πŸ₯—

Our amazing dietician Lisa has created a range of delicious, high-in-protein lunch ideas that are perfect for keeping you fueled and satisfied throughout the day.

🍽️ Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, these lunch ideas are easy to prepare and great for your health journey. Let Lisa help you enjoy a tasty, balanced diet that supports your weight loss goals.

#TonicSurgery #HighProteinLunch #HealthyEating #DieticianApproved #WeightLossJourney #NutritionTips
Wait for it... Wow! What a transformation! πŸ’™ Our patient is looking fab after having weight loss surgery! πŸŽ‰ We celebrate you and your incredible journey to a healthier you! πŸ’ͺ #TransformationTuesday #WeightLossJourney #CelebrateSuccess  #GivingBackLives
πŸŽ™οΈ New Podcast Episode Alert! πŸŽ™οΈ

Join us as our amazing patient Rebecca and personal trainer Harry discuss how life after WLS is filled with win after win. We understand that weight loss surgery can seem daunting, but the benefits are truly outstanding. At Tonic, we've helped thousands of patients reclaim their lives back.

Tune in now on Spotify to hear more real stories from our incredible patients. Don't miss out on these inspiring journeys! 

#WLSJourney #Podcast #WeightLossSuccess #RealStories #TonicFamily #SpotifyPodcast #GivingBackLives
Wow, Amy, what a transformation! 🌟 Amazing! Amy is one of the winners of our Giving Back Lives award, and we are incredibly proud and humbled to have played a part in giving someone back their life so they can do all the things they've dreamed of. You look fantastic, Amy! 

#Transformation #GivingBackLives #Inspiration
This is our daily reminder to you πŸ’™ Keep being you and always remember: You've got this! πŸ’ͺ 

#YouGotThis #StayStrong #DailyMotivation  #GivingBackLives
Check out the incredible transformation of Hannah! 🌟 You're truly amazing! Here's to celebrating all your success. Tonic Weight Loss Surgery is here to support you every step of the way. πŸ’ͺ

#TransformationTuesday #WeightLossJourney #TonicSupport #GivingBackLives
Join Carla on her Gastric Sleeve Journey! 🌟

We're following Carla's transformation from start to finish, answering all your questions about the process at Tonic and what it takes to achieve success. Stay tuned for monthly updates – we're excited to share this incredible journey with you!

At Tonic, we only share real stories, giving lives back.

#GastricSleeve #TransformationJourney #RealStories #TonicFamily #GivingBackLives

Patient Stories

as told by them

We love seeing your weight loss surgery journeys! We encourage everyone to share their progress with us @tonicsurgery so we can celebrate with you.

Check out some of the amazing transformations Tonic patients have shared online here!

Laura's amazing transformation @sleevinglau

We’re loving seeing Laura spreading her unique brand of positivity post op.

Her transformation has been absolutely incredible so far – go Laura! You can check her journey out on Instagram @sleevinglau. Keep up the great work – we’re all rooting for you!

Trust the process, and embrace the journey! πŸ’™ Meet Lau, a shining example of the incredible transformations happening within our community, THE TONIC'S! πŸ’™ We're more than a team; we're a family, supporting each other through every twist and turn. Today, we celebrate Lau for her inspiring WLS journeyβ€”YOU ARE AMAZING! πŸ™Œ Let's continue to lift each other up!

See Chanelle's Transformation

See Chanelle's Transformation

One of Our Many Success Stories

Channelle Hayes

When you choose Tonic for your weight loss surgery, you’re choosing to join a community of determined, passionate people who are determined to shed excess weight and live their lives to the fullest.Β 

See some more of our patients’ success stories by clicking the link below.

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