Tonic Newsletter – 25th December 2017

POST CHRISTMAS RECOVERY PLAN We have reached that time of the year when many of us will have either eaten too much or drunk too much or, in all likelihood, both. Overindulgence is as much a part of the festivities as exchanging presents and we’re all too familiar with the consequences of this excess. After all the Christmas celebrations our bodies need to relax and unwind. There is only one time of the day when body and mind are both totally relaxed and that is when we are ...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 11th December 2017

HOW TO AVOID CHRISTMAS WEIGHT GAIN THIS YEAR Dodging Christmas weight gain may sound as realistic as Father Christmas sliding down a chimney on Christmas Eve, but there are ways to stay on track at this time of the year. Many people expect weight gain during December, but packing on a few pounds is not inevitable. Don’t skip meals - A healthy breakfast will set you up to eat well for the rest of the day. Choose filling, healthy options such as eggs, porridge, or greek y...  

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How To Avoid Over Indulging This Christmas

Did you know the average person eats over 7,000 Calories on Christmas day alone! Follow our top tips to avoid over indulging this festive season… 1. Portion Control Christmas revolves around extravagant comfort food and high calorie buffets. Be sure to stop mid day snacking by starting the day with a protein rich breakfast to avoid cravings through the day. Use the small plate technique and only allow your self one helping of the party food spread. Stick to vegetable based canapés, low fat...  

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