Weight loss surgery patient Zsofia

"I lost so much weight...it's amazing, they changed my life!"

Zsofia’s Weight Loss Story

Before weight loss surgery I tried various different weight loss programs, powders, exercise, everything! I couldn’t move because I was so overweight and I was desperate to find a solution to solve this problem.

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My Tonic Experience

I chose Tonic because they were very very professional they were very friendly very helpful. They set up my first interview to see the surgeon within one week and I had a surgery booked in a months time.

I lost so much weight I lost 28 kg or 4 1/2 stone, this is just amazing.

I met Mr Sutton and Emma who were absolutely wonderful and they looked after me.

The after-care is wonderful, they used to call me every single day I could text them w

Life after Surgery

The surgery was worth every single penny I became a completely different person, I’m happier and fitter. I could recommend Tonic to everyone! The whole team was absolutely wonderful, they just changed my life and I became an absolute different person.