"I have lost just over 9 stone, I am so pleased I chose Tonic as they have been everything I had imagined and hoped for. I will be forever thankful for their continued support and love the community I have become part of."

Vicky’s Weight Loss Story

Before surgery I weighed 20 stone 3.5lb / 128.6kg and a dress size 30.

Life Before surgery 

I felt lost, would look in the mirror and not recognise it was me. My self esteem was non existent & took I no pride in myself anymore as felt it was pointless. Hardly ever went out to socialise, any attempted at even gentle exercise left me in pain even bending down to tie my shoe lace was an effort & hurt. I had no energy to play properly with my children which was heartbreaking. I had tried everything else for over 15 years, slimming clubs, fad diets, doctor prescribed weight loss programmes, wasted money on gym memberships every time I successfully lost weight I would always gain it back and more. I finally had enough and feared where my yoyo weight loss and gain was taking me health wise.

My Tonic Experience

After speaking with my amazing surgeon Mr Al-Taan we decided my best option for me personally with my current health & long term goals was a Gastric Bypass. From the moment I emailed Tonic Weight Loss enquiring about surgery to my first phone call to now over a year post surgery Tonic & their team have been amazing. I chose Tonic specifically because their aftercare was the best I had researched and I am so glad I chose them, they have been 5 stars from the get go. I had my surgery at Luton & Dunstable in a private section of the hospital and my experience was great & Mr Al-Taan and his team made recovery time post operation straightforward & very quick with hardly any pain due to how amazing they are. Mr Al-Taan has been amazing pre & post operation, always understanding with any concerns, great bedside manner, full of great advice and very supportive.

The 5 years aftercare is very appealing with support from a nutritionist, psychiatrist, exercise coach, general Tonic team and the surgeon. I had phone calls from a nurse daily straight after surgery, any concerns or issues all I need to do is ask to speak with a member of the team I need help & advice from, they are always there to listen and always there to help. I am so pleased I chose Tonic as they have been everything I had imagined and hoped for.

21 months post operation I have lost just over 9 stone / 58.6kg in excess weight so far.

Life after surgery 

Life 9 stone lighter still feels surreal! Exercise is no longer as difficult and leaving me in severe pain. Have recently started doing Judo again after 20 years which is amazing. My confidence is so much better. I am keeping up with the kids better now. Energy levels have improved and self esteem is back in business. Love how I feel in clothes now I have my hour glass shape back. Surgery has saved my life without a shadow of a doubt. My mental health has improved loads as well, things are looking a lot brighter future wise and continue to do so as I keep working on myself constantly from the inside out.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tonic they have been amazing from the moment I contacted them in a desperate state to now over a year and a half post operation. It helps that a lot of the team have also been where I have been so they have better understanding of how you feel, your fears, concerns, excitement. They honestly really care about your journey and are there with you all the way if you want them too. I have no regrets with my surgery, with choosing Tonic and with there help and support my life has done changed for the better in so many ways. I will be forever thankful for their continued support and love the community I have become part of via Tonic, the Tonic Weight Loss Family.