Sophie's gastric sleeve surgery story

"I am now 9 months post op and have lost 8 Stone 7 and now a uk size 12. I'm no longer classed as pre diabetic! I am loving my life. Anyone thinking about surgery, just reach out and talk to the Tonic team. You won't regret it. They have given me my life back. "

Tracy’s Weight Loss Story

Life before surgery – 

Before surgery I was 21 Stone 11lb and a size uk 24-26. I never had any energy, was living with 2 young children and often felt I was letting them down as I couldn’t join in with them as much as I’d like to. I’d be hot all the time and just uncomfortable. I worked in an office for a local bus company before I had my second daughter doing shift work. My weight piled on as I often just grabbed things for convenience. And there were always biscuits on offer. I’d tried various diets, the weight would come off, but I’d feel I was restricting myself and would end up binging on junk food and the weight would creep back on. 4 years ago, I lost my Mum to cancer. My oldest daughter was not even 2. It really made me look at life in a different way. It is so precious, and I was wasting it and living miserably. I knew I was big, but always felt that I hid it well. After my second daughter was born, I decided to carry on eating healthy as I did throughout my pregnancy. I had gestational diabetes with both of my daughters and knew how important it was to keep my blood sugars stable and keep my babies healthy. But when they were born, I went back to old habits and the weight once again crept back on. I look at my girls and all I want, is for them to be able to have fun with their mum, and I’d love to see them grow up and learn healthy habits from me. I was watching loose women one day when Chanelle Hayes came on talking about how she had lost a lot of weight after having a gastric sleeve. I was quite uneducated on weight loss surgery and had always dismissed it in the past. I started reading up on it and set up an Instagram account following others that had had surgery.  It took me ages to have the courage to talk to my husband about it, but when I did, he was really supportive.  This is when I reached out and had a consultation with Tonic. They were so reassuring and after talking to them I decided to book in for surgery. My surgeon agreed gastric sleeve surgery would be good for me, and having the reassurance of a long and comprehensive aftercare package, I felt I’d made the right decision.

My Tonic experience – 

I travelled to Birmingham and met Mr Awad. He is lovely and made me feel really at ease. The nurses and aftercare team couldn’t do enough for me. I really felt cared for and in safe hands. Nothing was too much trouble.

Life after surgery –

I am now 9 months post op and have lost 8 Stone 7 and now a uk size 12-14. I feel amazing, I can join in with my kids without getting out of breath, we walk together for miles, I can even fit on a swing at the park with them. I don’t feel embarrassed having my photo taken. I am loving my life. I know it was a drastic thing to do, but it really is the best thing I’ve done for me and my family. And I’m no longer classed as pre diabetic! Anyone thinking about weight loss surgery,  just reach out and talk to the Tonic team. You won’t regret it. They have given me my life back.