Weight loss surgery patient Sophie

"This was a genuine addiction to food and a genuine mental issue where I needed medical intervention, so far i have lost 93 pounds. It has completely changed my life!"

Sophie’s Weight Loss Story

I decided to get the gastric sleeve because I felt like I had exhausted all other options at 24 I just felt my weight was really deteriorating. I had hit 19 stone, I felt like it was more than just needing to lose a few pounds, this was a genuine addiction to food and a genuine mental issue where I needed medical intervention.

Before weight loss surgery i had tried Weight Watchers, slimming world and any juice diet and Instagram trends that you see it was a food addiction that was more prevalent than anything else and that’s what I needed to tackle.

I always used to say and I’m big girl I’ve never let anything stop me and I never ever thought that it had stopped me previously thought I was able to do everything and I was but now it’s just a different girl doing it mentally a different experience.

Watch Sophie’s inspiring Weight Loss Story

My Tonic Experience

Tonic was recommended by a friend. What made it stand out for me was the aftercare. For me it was fact that you were given a nurse afterwards that looked after you and a dietitian to give you food tips. It was clear post surgery that they were going to look after you and support you both physically and mentally.

I found the advice from the team directly really helpful that is what I’m enjoying most about post surgery life. The fact even though I’m 9 months post surgery, I’ve still got a team to help me is amazing.

Life after Surgery

The thing that I am so grateful to the surgery for is allowing me to become the woman that I wanted to be before, that I didn’t feel like I could be when I was 20 stone. Your weight does hinder you whether you know it or not, so to have found something that is taking that away and gives you a sense of self worth is just priceless.

I would 100% recommend Tonic it has completely changed my life.