"I have lost 10st 3lbs. I feel amazing, physically and mentally. Best decision I've made."

Rachaels Weight Loss Story

I weighed 20st 11lbs before surgery, my dress size was between a 20-22. 

Life Before Surgery

Before surgery I felt so down about my health and size. I was not confident at all and would never go out with friends. I actually had inflammation in my feet where it hurt to walk around. I struggled putting weight on my feet it was so painful, mentally it got to me as well. At work I would just be tired all the time and would be out of breath walking up and down the stairs (embarrassing). I didn’t really have a social life hardly went out with friends and when I went out with my partner I’d always feel self conscious and unhappy. I’ve tried all sorts of weight loss methods. Slimming world, keto, all sorts of fad diets but it never sticks. You lose weight in the beginning and then you put it back on when you fall off it. Such a bad yo-yo effect. 

My Tonic Experience 

I decided to have a gastric sleeve it seemed to be the type of weight loss surgery that suited me perfectly. I actually had one of the most bizarre experiences because it was a few months after covid had really started in March 2020. And so protocols were different but the staff at Tonic and the hospital were brilliant and so accommodating. My surgeon Mr Al-Taan was fantastic from the consultation all through to when I was discharged (and my check ups too). Friendly, informative and comforting.

They have been brilliant. The dietician called throughout the food stages to make sure I knew what to expect and what to do. Now if I’m unsure if something she will get back back me with answers. And the nurse Debbie has been amazing. Any little thing I was unsure about she was on the end of a message or phone call to help me out. Everyone has been fantastic from the PT Harry to the wonderful ladies in office. 

Life after Surgery

I have to date lost 143lbs or 10st 3lbs. I feel amazing, physically and mentally. I have more energy the inflammation in my feet has gone. My confidence levels have shot right up. I love yoga and feel more comfortable doing it. I love going for longs walks with my partner without struggling. Just in such a better place with my fitness. 

Tonic has saved my life in more than one way, I’m a happy confident person but also after the surgery they always check the part of the stomach that was removed as routine. The biopsies in my stomach showed inflammation that was referred to another hospital for further investigation and as a result of that it was found that I had gastric malt lymphoma, a cancer of my B cells that had been caused by an infection. As someone who has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and has symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of the infection and the Lymphoma I never would have got it checked out. So thank you Tonic so much 

100% I would recommend Tonic because from day one to booking a consultation to now I’ve been so supported and encouraged. Best decision I’ve made.