"I lost over 10 stone. Its a miracle, a new life, a new person i feel totally transformed."

Mark’s Weight Loss Story

I used to be over 24 stone so i struggled with movement and agility getting up from chair or bed was tough and it effected my heart rate.

I tried all the diets that you can imagine, i tried a personal trainer, everything under the sun but it just didn’t work for me.

Watch Mark’s inspiring Weight Loss Story

My Tonic Experience

Tonic phoned me back within 2 minutes of enquiring, they are there with you and they deal with you very hands on.

Even send a vehicle to pick you up for surgery, just so professional.

The aftercare at Tonic was fantastic its not have the money and run, they look after you from day one to the end, months and years after surgery, they are that professional and care that much.

Life after Surgery

A year on now i feel a part of society more, i feel a normal healthy human being.

I lost 10 stone, its absolutely god sent, i actually believe it’s come from the heavens, its that much of a change to my life. It’s a miracle, a new life, a new person i feel totally transformed.