"I've lost 6 stone 2lbs. I have a new lease of life. I'm happier, I'm healthier, I'm more assertive."

Lynette’s Weight Loss Story

My starting weight before surgery was 18 stone 11.b lbs.

I was a little nervous before surgery but the excitement of my new life outweighed any fears I was having.

I don’t think I realised at the time how much day to day life was affected by my weight. I wasn’t aware of how much pain I was in on a daily basis until I wasn’t in that pain anymore. I would shy away from going out, I couldn’t join in the fun stuff with my daughter as I either couldn’t keep up or I wouldn’t fit. I couldn’t stand any length of time to do my ironing, I couldn’t climb the stairs without needing a good five minutes to catch my breath afterwards.


My Tonic Experience

Tonic have been great – The aftercare package they offered is why I chose them. They call regularly to make sure I’m ok and offer any help that I might need. 

Life after Surgery

I have a new lease of life. I’m happier, I’m healthier, I’m more assertive. I didn’t realise it at  the time but everything I did was such an effort. We was running late for my daughters swimming lesson the other week and the difference I could feel in being able to walk across the car park at speed was amazing. I can now enjoy going to theme parks with my family and not have  to ‘sit’  the ride out because I wouldn’t fit in the seat. I enjoyed taking my daughter to our local trampoline park and seeing her face when she knew I was actually going to be jumping and not watching from the side lines.

I’ve lost 6 stone 2lbs.

My advice to someone considering surgery would be to go for it. It’s not an easy journey in the early stages and the emotional side of recovery was tough, however I could see the weight loss, I was starting to physically feel better in everything I was doing and a year down the line I wouldn’t look back.