"6 months later and I'm over 6 stone lighter, loving every minute of it. "

Larry’s Weight Loss Story

Back in 2011 i went into hospital for a heart issue i had surgery and a stent fitted and i had a stern talking to by the doctors there (i needed to lose weight).  I tried pretty much everything else i could think of over the years, all the diets and slimming clubs because i’ve always had an issue with my weight so i knew i needed to make a change.

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My Tonic Experience

The reason i chose Tonic was because of the way they handled me right from the very first telephone call, right through surgery and after surgery. They have this network of people supporting you.

I can’t say enough about Tonic, it’s not just make sale and thank you very much they want to be there for you and see it work. They look after you.

Life after Surgery

6 months later and I’m over 6 stone lighter, loving every minute of it.

I’m an avid DIY fan, and now my energy levels last me through it a lot better