Jasmine Tonic Transformation

"I had a gastric sleeve and so far I've lost 11 1/2 stone"

Jasmine’s Weight Loss Story

Prior to my surgery I was nearly 25 stone and I was ill – I had diabetes, sleep apnea and I’d need an extendable seatbelt every time that I flew. I was a girl in my 20’s and I wanted to go travelling and see the world but I really felt my weight was holding me back and it was embarrassing. I tried various different weight loss programs, diets, you name it I’d tried it!

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My Tonic Experience

I had a gastric sleeve in June 2019 with Tonic and so far I’ve lost 11 1/2 stone.

My surgeon met myself and my family prior to me actually going ahead and he explained everything fully. One thing that I really liked about him was he didn’t judge me and he me made me feel like a person.

Life after Surgery

Since I’ve had the surgery, I don’t have diabetes, or sleep apnea anymore. I don’t need extendable seatbelt on the plane anymore, so no more walks of shame. I don’t wake up in the morning look in the mirror and just hate myself.

I’d absolutely recommend Tonic Surgery  because I know what its like googling and looking for a company but you don’t know how much you need a really good company until maybe something goes wrong and its then that Tonic are able to provide so much support. I would go to Tonic 10 times over, absolutely no regrets it has saved my life!