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11st 7lbs

My life before WLS

Prior to my surgery, I was nearly 25 stone and I was ill. I had diabetes, sleep apnoea and I’d need an extendable seatbelt every time I flew. I was a girl in my 20s and I wanted to go travelling and see the world but I really felt my weight was holding me back and it was embarrassing. I had tried various different weight loss programmes and diets – you name it, I’d tried it!

My Tonic experience 

I had a gastric sleeve in June 2019 with Tonic and so far, I’ve lost 11 and a half stone.

My surgeon met my family and me prior to going ahead and he explained everything fully. One thing that I really liked about him was that he didn’t judge me and he made me feel like a person.

Life after surgery 

Since having the surgery, I no longer have diabetes or sleep apnoea. I don’t need an extendable seatbelt, so no more walks of shame. I don’t wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and just hate myself.

I’d absolutely recommend Tonic Weight Loss Surgery because I know what it’s like googling and looking for a clinic. You don’t know how much you need a really good one until maybe something goes wrong. It’s then that Tonic are able to provide so much support. I would go to Tonic 10 times over. Absolutely, no regrets. They have saved my life!

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Why Tonic?

We’ve been #GivingBackLives for over 40 years. 

We put you at the centre of everything we do. From your initial consultation with one of our specialist bariatric (weight loss) surgeons, through to your procedure and aftercare, we’ll only ever recommend what’s in your best interests. 

Following your surgery, you’ll have access to our industry-leading 5-year aftercare, and our growing Tonic support community. You’ll never be alone on your weight loss journey again.

Watch our latest Tonic video content

Watch our latest Tonic video content

Chanelle Hayes Tonic journey with a gastric sleeve

“Before weight loss surgery, I couldn’t cope with doing anything strenuous and I couldn’t spend time with my children in the way I wanted to. My eating was out of control, and I had been yo-yoing. 

A year out from surgery, I’m a completely different person. Last year, my body fat percentage was in the morbidly obese category. Now, I’m in the healthy weight category.”

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