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My life before WLS

My biggest weight was at the start of my LRD, which was 20.02 stone and I was a size 2224. Life was miserable and so restricted! I suffered for a long time with my back, which resulted in being on a lot of high painkillers that ended up numbing my mood/emotions. I also had a lot of time off work due to my back.

My personal life probably did get affected! Luckily, I have an amazing fiancé, who loves me for me and has stuck by me through everything, but being so unhappy in myself, I definitely held back a lot! I tried Orlistat, Slimming World and even making myself sick, to lose weight, with no success.

My Tonic experience 

I went for the gastric sleeve as I wanted something non-reversible. My surgeon, Mr Awad, was the perfect surgeon, who I will forever be in debt to! Tonic was insane! They got me in within a couple of weeks, and the contact was regular and thorough.

Post op, the nurses are in contact with you straight away. Debbie rang me daily for nearly 2 weeks and then left her phone number open for me whenever I needed it. Harry, the PT, introduced himself pre and post surgery and then properly got in touch at 6 weeks. Every month, at minimum, I have had emails to check I’m okay and if I need any support. It’s made me feel well looked after!

Life after surgery 

I am 6 months post op and have lost 6 and a half of my 9-stone goal.  

I regret not doing it sooner! I actually have a life now that doesn’t involve being in severe pain every day 24 hours a day! I am back at the gym, which I have always loved but because my increase in weight caused my back to get worse, I had to stop going. I’m also able to walk my dogs 5 miles a day with no issues!

I am 29 this year and feel like I’m just starting my best life now.  

I 10000% recommend Tonic. I went with Tonic because their aftercare package was the best I had found. They have not disappointed in the slightest!

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Why Tonic?

We’ve been #GivingBackLives for over 40 years. 

We put you at the centre of everything we do. From your initial consultation with one of our specialist bariatric (weight loss) surgeons, through to your procedure and aftercare, we’ll only ever recommend what’s in your best interests. 

Following your surgery, you’ll have access to our industry-leading 5-year aftercare, and our growing Tonic support community. You’ll never be alone on your weight loss journey again.

Watch our latest Tonic video content

Watch our latest Tonic video content

Chanelle Hayes Tonic journey with a gastric sleeve

“Before weight loss surgery, I couldn’t cope with doing anything strenuous and I couldn’t spend time with my children in the way I wanted to. My eating was out of control, and I had been yo-yoing. 

A year out from surgery, I’m a completely different person. Last year, my body fat percentage was in the morbidly obese category. Now, I’m in the healthy weight category.”

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