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My life before WLS

Before surgery, I weighed in at 20st 5lb and a dress size 18–20. I used to be comfortable in my own skin. I was slim previously, but I was in several toxic relationships and became an emotional eater. I gained weight fast! I lost my self-confidence and feeling of self-worth in allowing myself into these toxic situations. I never felt good enough for anyone. I joined Slimming World 6 times; I’d lose 3 stone and then put it back on again when taking breaks like holidays or other life plans that got in the way. I knew a gastric sleeve was the only way to help me as I couldn’t bear to lose only 3 stone again and it never be enough for me to be happy mentally or physically. During lockdown, I was isolated and felt alone. I also have a child with ADHD and life was very busy homeschooling, and I was clearly snacking.

I had daily calls with the nurse following discharge from hospital, coordinator check-ins to see how I was getting on every few weeks or so, and they were always at the end of the phone, or replied promptly to emails! They are all so lovely and friendly, and nothing is ever too much.

My Tonic experience 

I called Tonic for a consultation and one was arranged with Mr Awad. From the moment I spoke with him, I felt reassured and that I was in safe hands, and I could tell he was passionate about his work. He went through everything step by step with me. A few weeks later, I had a few more questions, so he made another appointment to speak to me and was happy to answer all of my queries and put my mind at rest. I paid the balance the following day as I felt comfortable I was making the right decision. It was a no-brainer for me.

I had a gastric sleeve. Mr Awad and Tonic were amazing throughout, always remaining professional, kind and informative. I didn’t feel like “a fat person being judged”. They knew exactly how much this can change people’s lives for the better. Mr Awad was such a lovely man – from speaking to him on the phone to meeting him on the morning of my surgery – that I knew I was in the best possible hands!

Life after surgery  

I am currently 14st 6lb and dress size 12–14. 83lb lost so far. I am only 6 months post op and still have the opportunity to lose more during the next 6 months or so, which I’m really looking forward to.

I feel incredible! The old me is back, my confidence has soared and I feel like myself again. Before, I was always exhausted. Now, I make time for the gym – something I never did before – and I’m really enjoying it! I do classes 3 times a week. It has changed my life in so many ways. I can run around with my 6 year old without getting out of breath!

I highly recommend Tonic. I researched other clinics when looking into having WLS, but Tonic stood out for me. I felt comfortable with them and my surgeon, and the aftercare is amazing. A lot of places don’t offer that. Knowing I had someone to call or email if I had any problems was so reassuring!

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We put you at the centre of everything we do. From your initial consultation with one of our specialist bariatric (weight loss) surgeons, through to your procedure and aftercare, we’ll only ever recommend what’s in your best interests.

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Watch our latest Tonic video content

Watch our latest Tonic video content

Chanelle Hayes Tonic journey with a gastric sleeve

“Before weight loss surgery, I couldn’t cope with doing anything strenuous and I couldn’t spend time with my children in the way I wanted to. My eating was out of control, and I had been yo-yoing. 

A year out from surgery, I’m a completely different person. Last year, my body fat percentage was in the morbidly obese category. Now, I’m in the healthy weight category.”

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