"I've lost 7.5 stone, it has now enabled me to have my IVF treatment and i can wear clothes i love; wear shoes with heels; walk for long periods of time without having foot, knee and hip pain."

Emma’s Weight Loss Story

At my heaviest weight I was 19st 2lbs but when I came to Tonic for my consultation I was 17st 5lbs. I had previously lost 5 stone & got down to 14 st 4 lbs for my wedding in 2013 but couldn’t keep the weight off. Having followed every diet possible, WW, SW, Cambridge diet, cabbage diet, 5:2 diet, no carb diet etc. I couldn’t keep the weight off. I ran 3 – 4 times a week, went to the gym 4 times per week but the weight kept on creeping up. I was quite depressed & very quiet & lacked confidence.  Luckily i wasn’t on medication as I had no health issues but I suspect that wouldn’t have lasted for much longer if my weight had carried on climbing.

I had no social life & hated going out as nothing fitted me in my wardrobe. Was very self conscious about eating out etc. My husband Stuart has always been slimmer & weighed less than me & until i had my consultation with Tonic, he never knew my weight as i was always too embarrassed about it. So for 11 years i kept my weight a secret from him. My size & weight never bothered him but its always bothered me. I was always the fat friend but my friends never made me feel like that ever but i always felt it so avoided going out. So for most of my adult life (from age 22 up until now aged 43) I’ve been overweight & avoided social events & have never been out on a girls night out in that entire time. Overseas holidays were always looked forward to (I’m a sun worshipper) but always dreaded too as I would get so hot walking anywhere & my thighs would chafe as they would rub together. I would always keep covered up unless I was laid on my sun lounger. I would avoid the pool unless I went down very early before people could see me. I avoided getting undressed in front of Stuart as I was embarrassed about my body. I always felt so ugly. We’d also been trying for a baby since we got married in 2013 & my consultant indicated that my weight was probably hindering my chances of having a baby & that due to my age, IVF was probably our best option of conceiving but at my current weight I wouldn’t get IVF on the NHS.

My Tonic Experience

From the first contact with Tonic over the telephone I felt comfortable and felt like an actual person and not a patient. Meeting Kay and Mr Awad at my consultation put me at ease straight away and I knew I’d made the right decision in not only deciding on weight loss surgery but also having done my home work, choosing Tonic as my weight loss provider. Every step of the way, someone at Tonic has been available to answer any questions or just to check in for a chat. The aftercare package is invaluable in that theres always someone available to help with any queries. The service from Tonic is more tailored to the individual and is a lot more personal. I feel like I’ve been treated like a friend or even a family member as the contact has been more than i expected. The aftercare is the key to success i believe, the support is invaluable.

Life after Surgery

It has now enabled me to have my IVF treatment which will start in January 2019. 2 it has given me back my confidence. I’ve fallen back in love with clothes & fashion. I’ve always loved shoes, but could never wear heels due to my weight, heels are back! I’m happy to go out & can walk the dogs without huffing & puffing. No foot or knee pain. No back ache. I just wish I could’ve afforded to have surgery earlier.

I am now 10 stones and have maintained around this for about 4 months now. However I am now a size 8/10 top & 10/12 bottom so I’m not worried if the scales don’t drop any more as I’m more than happy with my clothes size.