Weight loss surgery patient Charlotte

"I've lost 7 and a half stone, I would 100% recommend Tonic! I would go ahead and do it again tomorrow if I could."

Charlotte’s Weight Loss Story

Before I had surgery I used to find daily life quite difficult. I’d have to be helped out of bed sometimes in the mornings by my other half because of backache as I was really struggling with a lot of joint pain.

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My Tonic Experience

When I first started looking into weight loss surgery, Tonic was one of the first ones that came up in regards to Dr Sherif Awad who I chose as my surgeon everything with Tonic seemed fantastic the reviews were just amazing they put me at ease straightaway. I had all the information I ever needed and they were always on hand and any questions I had I knew exactly who to go to.

After my surgery it was about five working days and then I was back to work the following week with minimal discomfort. The after-care at Tonic is absolutely fantastic there is support 24/7, if you can’t get somebody by email they answer their mobiles. Or whenever there was an email or a phone call it certainly was at a time we you really need them.

Life after Surgery

My life now is completely different, I have quite a manual job and I’m constantly on my feet which is something I never would’ve done before. I can walk my dogs without any troubles just daily life I’m able to just get up and move and not be in pain all the time not be so self-conscious.

I would 100% recommend Tonic to anyone that’s looking into having any kind of weight loss surgery it completely changed my life and I would go ahead and do it again tomorrow if I could.