"I've lost 6st 3lb so far. I love feeling good about myself again. I can get back in my bike leathers!"

Beverley’s Weight Loss Story

Life before surgery – 

I’d always been a yo-yo dieter – I went from 19st 0.5lb to 11st 2lb through Weight Watchers, but over the years it gradually crept back on. In May 2017, I collapsed at work and ended up in hospital for a fortnight on a high-alert stroke ward. I was very poorly with CVST (a rare type of stroke – extensive thrombosis all through my brain). I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue pre-dating that. As a result of CVST, I’m on warfarin for life as they don’t know the cause. After the initial relief of surviving, I grew more and more frustrated and unhappy with how forgetful I am, so I did what I’d always done – turned to food as comfort – which made me more unhappy as I piled on the pounds. I then read that a known cause of thrombosis and blood clots is obesity.

I was tired and lethargic all the time, plus unhappy with myself. Finding clothes that fitted and looked nice was a nightmare. It was a bit of a vicious circle.


My Tonic experience – 

The Tonic team are like family! A lot of clinics will do the procedure but with minimal aftercare. What happens afterwards is just as important for long-term success and Tonic recognises this and works with you. They are there pre op, from working with the dietitian (who was a great support during the liver reduction diet pre op!) to the psychologist looking at triggers and changing eating habits, to physical fitness instructors supporting getting into more physical activity. It’s lovely how the team phone and just check on you every month.

My surgeon, Dr Sutton, was fantastic! He put me at ease and explained the procedure that he thought was best for me (gastric sleeve) and the reasons why, plus contacted my neurologist and worked out detailed instructions on managing the warfarin and my INR in the weeks around surgery. My nurse, Emma, was amazing. She was there whenever I needed her and nothing was too much trouble or too silly a question!

Life after surgery – 

I feel like I’m claiming some of my life back. I love feeling good about myself again. I still have slow days where I struggle, but I definitely have more energy than before. Now I can get back in my bike leathers!

I’ve lost 6st 3lb so far since August 2018.

My advice to others considering surgery would be to do your research! Find out what (if any) aftercare is offered – it really does make a difference having that support network there.