"I am 8 months in from my operation now and so far 7 stone down. I am living my life to the fullest and its just incredible."

Amy’s Weight Loss Story

Life before surgery – 

Before surgery I was 20.5 stone, I tried everything slimming world, Cambridge diet, calorie counting. I was very much an emotional eater, I put on a front for being the big funny girl when really inside I was massively in denial about how big I was. I had extremely bad mental health problems, I could barely walk 10 minutes without everything aching, sweating and being out of breath. I tried couch to 5k numerous time but my whole body would be in agony in the end I thought what’s the point of trying to do anything anymore and had given up.

My Tonic experience – 

I entered the #givingbacklives awards in 2021, from then on I haven’t looked back its been the best, its been so exciting. My surgeon Mr Alkhafaf was my saviour, he made me realise how I got was not my fault it was a whole factor of things and it wasn’t because i was greedy or lazy like people had said I was. He told me how it was genetics and it is a disorder, its so many different things that contribute to getting how you are, and it made me feel so much better about myself and confident going into the surgery. I wasn’t nervous at all it was just excitement. The aftercare is absolutely incredible, after my operation I had phone calls everyday (even on Christmas Day!) I still have so much support from my personal trainer, psychotherapist and dietitian.

Life after surgery –

I am 8 months in from my operation now and so far 7 stone down. My whole quality of life has improved more than I could ever have imagined, my mental health has improved. I struggled beforehand with anxiety and anger issues, but the happiness I have now is indescribable. I just feel free to do anything there is no restrictions on my life now because of my weight, I can go on a theme park ride and I am going horse riding for the first time because I was always too heavy before and I no longer have the worry of people staring and thinking She’s big. I am living my life to the fullest and its just incredible. Being able to go into a shop and pick any clothes off the rack is something I have never done before in my entire life. You nominate yourself for an award called the #givingbacklives award and thats exactly what Tonic have done for me. They have given me my life back, a life I didn’t know I had, a brand new life. Thankyou Tonic.