Tonic Whey Protein


Tonic have worked with their bariatric specialists to create their delicious Whey Protein. Eating enough protein is an important part of the diet to help build and maintain muscle mass during your bariatric journey. It also keeps your hair, skin and nails strong.

Whey protein is one of the most popular and widespread protein supplements. It is often sold in powder form which can be added to smoothies, protein bars, and other foods or beverages.

Although often perceived as a supplement for workouts, whey protein offers health benefits that far extend beyond its use in the fitness world. Thinking that protein powder is mainly used by athletes and bodybuilders as a supplement to recover and refuel after training is an outdated concept.

Flavour – Strawberries & Cream

Protein Amount – 24g per serving

Size of Bag – 1 Kg

Approximate Servings – 33

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