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Weight Loss Surgery Helped Me Start a Family

Emma shares her weight loss journey following a life changing 9 stone loss with Gastric Bypass Surgery at Tonic and on the successful path to parenthood. Like many women across the UK Emma was unable to access fertility treatment due to her weight, so after her bariatric treatment at Tonic and reaching a healthier weight she was able to access the fertility care she needed to start a family.

“Having surgery has made a huge difference to my life not only have i lost 9 stone in weight it has enabled me to have IVF and keep up with my twin toddlers which if i was a lot heavier i wouldn’t be able to do, as they grow up i can play games with them , go swimming, do sports day runs, non of which would be possible with out surgery. I’m a much more confident happier person and its allowed me to have my two beautiful twin girls and without Tonic that wouldn’t have happened, i would recommend them to anybody ”

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