Top mood boosting tips

Top mood boosting tips!

Feeling run down is something everyone may experience usually after a really exciting weekend and you have a dauntingly busy week ahead. It is also a cause of weight gain. Follow our simple tips to feel better …

1.  Live in the present!

If you’re feeling low, try to control your breathing and pay attention to your surroundings in that present moment. This will help you to feel calm and prevent you from feeling lost and trapped.

2. Keep busy

It’s time to get out of bed and It doesn’t matter whether you tidy up the house or go for a walk – any activity that helps to break up your day to day routine and gives you a sense of achievement is  a great way to make you feel better.

3. Speak to friends

It doesn’t matter whether you speak face to face, talk on the phone or chat online, connecting with friends, family and others helps to bring you out of yourself and supports you so you can take on the day.

4. Support others

Extensive research reveals that helping other people will also help to lift your mood. So do a favour for that friend, donate to charity or volunteer somewhere.

5. Smile

A really quick and easy way to feel better is to smile. When you smile it actually triggers mood-boosting hormones in the brain. So even if you don’t feel happy, simply put a smile on your face and you may start to feel more positive.

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