Tonic Weight Loss Patients Train with BCFC Women’s Team Pro Footballers

BCFC players and 3 inspirational weight loss surgery patients – one who has lost over 10 stone! –  ran through a fun training strength and conditioning session at their training ground and discussed how weight loss surgery has changed their life and the importance of exercise for every body. 

Before Surgery the patients would never have dreamed that they could keep up with professional athletes. BCFC Team Captain Louise Quinn and midfielder Lucy Quinn joined up with Tonic Personal Trainer Harry Hedges at the Blues training ground.

Following their Weight Loss Surgery with Tonic, patients receive a dedicated aftercare service which supports across a number of key areas to help them achieve their weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. One of these initiatives includes a 1-2-1 personal trainer to help guide them with the correct training and exercise post treatment. Harry (The PT in the video) has successfully helped many patients at Tonic over the years and kindly offered to lead a special session in collaboration with their partners at BCFC and what a great day it was! #GivingBackLives

“Its great to have the patients from Tonic down at the club today, Whether its as an elite athlete or just in everyday life its something we should all do and really enjoy” Lucy Quinn BCFC Women’s Team

“When it comes to exercise, the values of Birmingham City and Tonic really link in to each other, its about motivation determination, team work , self motivation and perseverance” Louise Quinn BCFC Women’s Team Captain

Beth who lost 10 stone “I would never have done this before surgery, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or the energy…It’s completely changed my life!”

Hayley who lost 7 stone “Being here today I feel absolutely privileged that Im literally doing a fitness session with footballers, it’s crazy!”

Tracey who lost 4 stone “Its been the best thing! Its amazing I have my confidence back”

Jordan – Director of Tonic “We feel Tonic really do align with Birmingham City Football Club, its one of the main reasons we wanted to be a proud sponsor”

Harry Hedges Tonic Personal Trainer “Its been a pleasure to see so many benefits the patients get as part of this process, from naturally seeing their before and after photos, to changes in clothes sizes, their confidence, ability to do new things, be a better father and be a better mother and inputting into their children lifestyles, its just so lovely to see”