Tonic Toolkit

A supportive toolkit (complimentary for all Tonic Patients)

The Toolkit includes:

  1. Tonic Bariatric Plate

    Our portion control plate is designed with our patients needs in mind. It provides helpful nutritional guidance on food types and portion sizes.

  2. Resistance Band

    Tonic resistance bands are a great way to start increasing fitness levels for low impact beginners to advanced workouts.

  3. Tonic Water Bottle

    It’s important to keep hydrated, our Tonic Water Bottles are just the remedy to keep you sipping throughout the day and on the go.

  4. Tonic Tape Measure

    Monitor your progress as you lose inches from your waistline and more with our Tonic Tape Measure.

  5. VHP Go Tonic App

    3 months free access to our amazing mobile app, a world of bariatric support at your fingertips.

  6. VitMyLife Vitamins

    Free 1 month supply of VitMyLife tablets. Tonic has worked with their Bariatric Surgeons and nutrition team to develop specialist bariatric vitamins. Click here to find out more.

  7. Tonic Cutlery Set

    Conveniently sized and portable cutlery to eat your meals in manageable bitesize pieces.

  8. Weight Loss Surgery Awareness Card

    Discreet and wallet friendly patient card to notify restaurants that you have undergone treatment and to aid ordering smaller portions.

  9. Tonic Whey Protein 

    Tonic have worked with their bariatric specialists to create their delicious Whey Protein. Eating enough protein is an important part of the diet to help build and maintain muscle mass during your bariatric journey. It also keeps your hair, skin and nails strong. ⁠Find out more

The Tonic Toolkit is FREE for all our Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Patients. Individual items can be purchased on our Online Shop – Click here to visit our store.