Tips To Help Control Your Portion Sizes

Tonic Weight Loss Surgery - Tips To Help Control Your Portion Sizes

Follow our quick and easy tips to help control your portion sizes at meal times…

  1. Always have a glass of water with your meal – Take a sip every few mouthfuls to trick your brain into feeling fuller and most importantly to keep hydrated.
  2. Base your meal around the vegetables – they are tasty, packed with vitamins and low in calories.
  3. Use a smaller plate – Quite often it is easy to pile your plate with food so stick to a small plate to  stop you over indulging.
  4. Don’t have seconds – Enjoy one serving of your meal and freezer bag/container any leftovers before you sit down to eat to stop you going in for seconds.
  5. Take your time – Chew your food properly and savour every bite. It takes your brain a few minutes to register that you are full so if you rush your meal and think your still hungry you are probably mistaken.
  6. Sit at the table – Avoid all distractions and ensure your not in front of a screen whilst you eat to enjoy your food. Eating while watching TV stops your brain from registering your food properly. 

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