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Tips for Getting Your Family into Shape

Tips for Getting Your Family Into Shape - Tonic Weight Loss Surgery


A great way to get in shape is to do it together as a family. Follow our top tips for building fitness into your lifestyle….

  1. Swap TV time for a fun activity – Instead of sitting in front of the TV why not take up a hobby as a family or play active games. Cycling, hiking, playing hide and seek or why not a game of cricket or rounders in the garden.
  2. Let the children decide – Kids are more likely to take part if its their decision and choose the activity. Make a few options or encourage new ideas to ensure everyone gets involved and enjoys it.
  3. “Go green” on your way to school – Rather than driving or getting the bus why not cycle or walk the kids to school. Everyone will benefit from the fresh air and stretch your body to start the day and get those brains into gear for a busy day ahead.
  4. Jump in the pool – Swimming is a very important life skill which can be life saving but it also is the perfect way to exercise and have fun. Regular swimming can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. Its also great for boosting your mood and keeping your weight under control.
  5. Party time – Turn up the music and have a mini disco in your home. Dancing regularly is a perfect way to lose weight, maintain strong bones, improve your posture and muscle strength, increase your balance and co-ordination and beat stress. Add a boogie to your weekly calendar to get all the family in a happy mood.
  6. Cook together – Getting everyone involved with mixing, chopping, choosing what herbs and spices to add will ensure they are willing to eat it. Why not take a look at our healthy soup and smoothie recipes on our blog for some healthy food inspiration.

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