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Patient Story: Kieran’s Story

I want to say the biggest thanks possible to everyone at tonic. With the help of the entire team, and the best care at the hospital, I have achieved something I never believed possible. From having my sleeve gastrectomy done in May 2015, to now - October 2015, I have lost an incredible 7 stone. Alongside this I have also dropped 12" off of my waist and dropped 3 top sizes. I knew having such a big procedure done was going to change my life, I also knew there were going to be so many challenges t...  

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5 Tips: Boost your confidence

5 Tips to Boost your Confidence By Kay Choudary Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Psychotherapy and Counselling Specialist 1. Never overgeneralise about a negative day. "My whole life is rubbish and I am a failure because I ate an icecream" 2. Fake it even if you don't feel it. Act and become... 3. Don't accept other people's labels about you. 4. Walk tall, Shoulders back, Head high. 5. Shower every morning and look in the mirror and say "I love me"....  

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Tonic Weight Loss Surgery - 5 Tips: Boost your confidence

Tropical Rio Carnival Smoothie

#smoothiesunday - Treat yourself to a smoothie under 250 calories and don't forget to tag us in your creations on social media @TonicWeightLossSurgery ! This week we were inspired by the Rio Olympic Games and Notting Hill Carnival to create this tropical smoothie! Rio Carnival Smoothie Juice of 1 Orange 1 ripe Banana, peeled and sliced 1/2 a Mango cut into chunks Palmful of Pineapple cut into chunks Dash of Coconut Water (or fruit juice) Total Calories - 226 Add all i...  

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5 Tips: How to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

5 Tips: How to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant From Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Specialist Dietitian, Gary Young 1. Stick to a main course and use a smaller plate or eat half and put the rest in a takeaway bag for the next day. 2. Choose fresh fruit for dessert which will not only contribute to your recommended 5 fruit and vegetables a day but should stop those sweet tooth cravings. 3. Choose drier dishes as sauces tend to be high in calories. 4. Plan ahead and download the menu beforehand so y...  

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Tonic Weight Loss Surgery - 5 Tips Healthy Eating at a Restaurant