Tonic Weight Loss Surgery - 5 Tips: Kick start a happier you

5 Tips: Kick start a Happier You

5 Tips: Kick Start a Happier You Kay Choudary, Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Psychotherapy and Counselling Specialist 1. Only you can decide how happy you will allow yourself to be, so decide... 2. Develop a Personal Ethics Plan PEP 3. Reconcile the past. Sometimes you have to go back to the past to create a happier future, accept this and move on as quickly as you are able.  4. Don’t engage with the self blame game. 5. Be approachable and friendly and people will be approachable an...  

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5 Tips: Boost your confidence

5 Tips to Boost your Confidence By Kay Choudary Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Psychotherapy and Counselling Specialist 1. Never overgeneralise about a negative day. "My whole life is rubbish and I am a failure because I ate an icecream" 2. Fake it even if you don't feel it. Act and become... 3. Don't accept other people's labels about you. 4. Walk tall, Shoulders back, Head high. 5. Shower every morning and look in the mirror and say "I love me"....  

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Tonic Weight Loss Surgery - 5 Tips: Boost your confidence
Tonic Weight Loss Surgery - 5 Tips Healthy Eating at a Restaurant

5 Tips: How to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant

5 Tips: How to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant From Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Specialist Dietitian, Gary Young 1. Stick to a main course and use a smaller plate or eat half and put the rest in a takeaway bag for the next day. 2. Choose fresh fruit for dessert which will not only contribute to your recommended 5 fruit and vegetables a day but should stop those sweet tooth cravings. 3. Choose drier dishes as sauces tend to be high in calories. 4. Plan ahead and download the menu beforehand so y...  

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