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Top mood boosting tips

Top mood boosting tips!

Feeling run down is something everyone may experience usually after a really exciting weekend and you have a dauntingly busy week ahead. It is also a cause of weight gain. Follow our simple tips to feel better … 1.  Live in the present! If you’re feeling low, try to control your breathing and pay attention to your surroundings in that present moment. This will help you to feel calm and prevent you from feeling lost and trapped. 2. Keep busy It’s time to get out of bed and It doesn...  

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Tips For A Good Nights Sleep

  If your feeling tired during the day and feeling low perhaps all you need is a good night rest. Follow our top tips for getting a good night sleep… Watch what you eat - Eating too much too late or not enough will leave you uncomfortable or hungry, making for an unrestful night. Un plug - Its tempting to sit there flicking through Facebook or watch Netflix until midnight but the glare of screens is very disruptive and stops you winding down. Have a no screen policy in bed and ...  

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Tips for a Good Night Sleep - Tonic Weight Loss Surgery
Tips for Getting Your Family Into Shape - Tonic Weight Loss Surgery

Tips for Getting Your Family into Shape

  A great way to get in shape is to do it together as a family. Follow our top tips for building fitness into your lifestyle…. Swap TV time for a fun activity - Instead of sitting in front of the TV why not take up a hobby as a family or play active games. Cycling, hiking, playing hide and seek or why not a game of cricket or rounders in the garden. Let the children decide - Kids are more likely to take part if its their decision and choose the activity. Make a few options or e...  

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