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Tonic Newsletter – 11th December 2017

HOW TO AVOID CHRISTMAS WEIGHT GAIN THIS YEAR Dodging Christmas weight gain may sound as realistic as Father Christmas sliding down a chimney on Christmas Eve, but there are ways to stay on track at this time of the year. Many people expect weight gain during December, but packing on a few pounds is not inevitable. Don’t skip meals - A healthy breakfast will set you up to eat well for the rest of the day. Choose filling, healthy options such as eggs, porridge, or greek y...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 4th December 2017

'TIS NOT THE SEASON TO OVERDO IT At this 'me of the year it’s especially hard to avoid overeating. But let’s be honest, stuffing yourself rotten isn’t limited to just Christmas. Sometimes that family box of Quality Streets becomes a single serving with gut-busting consequences. It’s happened to the best of us. But the real problem is usually what happens afterwards - in our body and in our mind. Are you filled with regret, miserably mulling over starting a juice fas...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 27th November 2017

WITH THE PARTY SEASON UPON US, ITS TIME TO UNCORK THE TRUTH. We do a lot of drinking during December. In fact the average Brit can drink two or three times their usual alcohol intake over the Christmas and New Year period. According to stats, Brits spend more than 165bn just on the alcohol we drink in our 165 million December pub outings, never mind what we cart home from the shops. So with Christmas only 4 weeks away, what is the best alcohol to drink without sabotaging your...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 20th November 2017

HOW TO STAY ON TRACK THIS SEASON Even if you have superhuman willpower, the upcoming Christmas season is challenging for everyone. Trying to stay on track can be overwhelming, but, as we all know, excess pounds don't disappear along with the decorations! And anyway, who wants to start the new year seven pounds heavier than they want to be. There’s really no reason to, as you can have fun without throwing away your healthy habits. Start your day with a bang - exercising in t...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 13th November 2017

GET UP & GO If lack of motivation to exercise is stopping you from getting in better shape, trust me – you are not alone. Many people want to get fitter and healthier but lack the motivation to get started. And even those who start exercising with a lot of enthusiasm can lose motivation after a few weeks. The truth is nobody is always in the mood to exercise, not even those super fit folk. At times they too can’t get off the sofa despite working out for years. Skip...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 6th November 2017

MUSIC = MOTIVATION There are those who find the incessant beat of music annoying while exercising, and those who just can’t lace up their trainers if their playlist isn’t set. If you fall into the latter, chances are you use music to push yourself to work harder as you train. As well as making you work harder over a longer period of time, music can be a good way to time yourself while doing interval training, by going hard for one song and pulling back during the next. Music ...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 30th October 2017

CHANGE YOUR MIND TO CHANGE YOUR BODYWhen it comes to losing weight, your own mind can be your biggest enemy, whether it's talking yourself out of a workout or talking yourself into a Friday night take-out. As hard as it can seem, changing the way you talk to yourself is so important to achieving your goals. and takes a lot of the stress and drama out of the journey.How many times have you thought that you’re depriving yourself as you stare at...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 9th October 2017

Download our latest Newsletter written by our specialist Tonic Weight Loss Team. Our updates provide amazing insights into Health, Wellbeing and essential Weight Loss Advice and information. Download and find out more. Tonic Newsletter 9th October 2017 - The Healthy Eating Pyramid...  

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Tonic Newsletter – 25th September 2017

Download our latest Newsletter written by our specialist Tonic Weight Loss Team. Our updates provide amazing insights into Health, Wellbeing and essential Weight Loss Advice and information. Download and find out more. Tonic newsletter 25th September - Protein is the jack of all trades in the body...  

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