Weight loss surgery patient Kelly

"I’ve lost 9 1/2 stone. Before surgery, I couldn’t do most things that other parents do with their children."

Kelly’s Weight Loss Story

Life before surgery – 

Before surgery, I couldn’t run around with my children, couldn’t run around in the park, couldn’t do most things that other parents do with their kids. I absolutely love swimming and I still took my kids, but I always felt so uncomfortable.

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My Tonic experience –  

I looked and looked and looked at weight loss clinics. Tonic sold it to me because of their aftercare. At Tonic, it’s 5 years and everywhere else it’s only 2. I was thinking that after 2 years, that is where I’m going to start struggling and that’s where I am in my journey now. From the start, they were there for me, ringing me, giving me all the information I needed. No question was too small. They were so nice with me and so happy to give me the advice I needed.

My surgeon was Mr Sherif. When we had the telephone consultation, I had an A4 piece of paper in front of me with all these questions on and before I’d even had the chance to open my mouth to ask him my first question, he had already answered every single one of them.

They put me in touch with the right people whether it was a trainer, a dietitian or a psychologist. It was just Tonic through and through.

Life after surgery –  

I’m more confident, more vibrant and I just feel more like me, the real me. I might not be in touch with Tonic as much now, as I’m two years post op, but I know I can ring them and that they will be there to give me the advice I need and the help that I want.

I would definitely recommend Tonic.