Weight loss surgery patient Kelly

"I’ve lost 9 1/2 stone, before surgery I couldn’t do most things that other parents do with their children."

Kelly’s Weight Loss Story

Before surgery I couldn’t run around with my children, couldn’t run around on the park, couldn’t do most things that other parents do with their children. I absolutely love swimming and I still went swimming with my kids but I always felt so uncomfortable.

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My Tonic Experience

When I was looking at weight loss companies, I looked and looked and looked. Tonic sold it to me because of their aftercare. At Tonic it’s 5 years and everywhere else is only 2 years and for me I was like after 2 years that is where i m going to start struggling and thats where I am in my journey now.  From the start they were there for me, ringing me all the time, giving me all the information I needed, no question was too small. They are so nice with me and so happy to give me the advice that I needed and just help me whenever I rang or whenever they rang me.

My surgeon was Mr Sherif when he rang up to give me the telephone consultation i had an A4 piece of paper in front of me with all these questions on and even before I got chance to open my mouth to ask him a question he had already answered every single one.

They put me in touch with the right people whether it be a trainer, a dietician, psychologist, it was just Tonic through and through.

Life after Surgery

I’m more confident, more vibrant and I just feel more like me, the real me. I might not be in touch with Tonic as much now, as I’m two years post-op but I know I can ring them, and like that they will be there for me to give me the advice that I need and the help that I want.

I would recommend Tonic definitely.