"I have lost 10 stone! Now I have no medication and my lung is no longer a problem... I love life every single day instead of hiding away all the time."

Katrina’s Weight Loss Story

Life Before surgery

Before surgery I was 18st 5lb and a dress size 18-20. I tried all weight loss diets, I was very unhappy that I never wanted to go out. My health was really bad, I’ve been living with a damaged lung and steroids, antibiotics and painkillers everyday of my life.

My Tonic Experience

My Tonic experience was exceptional 200 out of 200 from start to finish. I had a bypass. During surgery, again Tonic went above and beyond, I cannot recommend Tonic enough. My surgeon was Mr Awad and he was such a gentleman, he listened to me and explained everything so that I fully understood what was going to happen and what to expect and again cannot recommend him enough.Without the Tonic Aftercare Team I could not of done this alone, from my personal nurse Becky and my dietician Becci who answered my messages all the time and rang me weekly just to reassure me that I was doing ok, to Harry the personal trainer who again was always on call if needed. Nothing is ever to much trouble and I believe without all this my success would not of been possible.

Life after surgery

I have lost 10 stone! Now I have no medication what so ever and my lung is no longer a problem. I swim 5x a week and run 3x a week (which i haven’t done for over 20 years!) and love life every single day instead of hiding away all the time. I feel now that I have been given a new life. I love being out! I love getting dressed up! I just love everyday! I never ever had my photo taken and I missed out on so many years worth of memories but now I’m forever taking photos and love it. I am so confident and haven’t been this happy for 20 plus years and everyone that knows me all notices and says they can all see the happiness in my smile. Tonic has changed my life forever and I am so grateful!

Tonic you are all amazing every single member of staff and I would recommend 10000 percent. You are amazing and patient care goes above and beyond and the aftercare is the best that I believe no one else would ever give. Tonic is the best and I am waiting now for surgery for cosmetic and will be using Tonic again without doubt, Thank you Tonic!