Hayley’s Weight Loss Story

Life Before SurgeryMy biggest weight was at the start of my LRD which was 20.02 stone and I was wearing clothes in sizes 22-24. Life was miserable and so restricted! I suffered for a long time with my back, resulting in being on a lot of high pain killers that ended up numbing my mood/emotions. I also had a lot of time off work due to my back.My personal life probably did get affected! Luckily I have an amazing fiancé who loves me for me and had stuck by me through everything but being ...  

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Katrina’s Weight Loss Story

Life Before surgery Before surgery I was 18st 5lb and a dress size 18-20. I tried all weight loss diets, I was very unhappy that I never wanted to go out. My health was really bad, I've been living with a damaged lung and steroids, antibiotics and painkillers everyday of my life. My Tonic Experience My Tonic experience was exceptional 200 out of 200 from start to finish. I had a bypass. During surgery, again Tonic went above and beyond, I cannot recommend Tonic enough. My surgeon was Mr Awa...  

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Harriets Weight Loss Story

Life Before surgery Before surgery I weighed in at 20st 5lbs and a dress size 18/20.I used to be comfortable in my own skin, i was slim previously, but I was in several toxic relationships and was an emotional eater. I gained weight fast! I had lost my self confidence and feeling of self worth, allowing myself into these toxic situations. I never felt good enough for anyone.  I joined slimming world 6 times, I’d lose 3 stone and then put it back on again when taking breaks like holidays or ...  

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Kelly’s Weight Loss Story

Life Before SurgeryI have been yo-yo dieting since I was about 12 years old, always lost a bit but inevitably put it back on and more besides. Since having my son and going to work full time I never found any time (or energy) to exercise and my food choices were more based around speed and ease, than nutritional choices. Health wise I was fine, but I had low confidence and felt very self conscious in social settings. I just didn’t have the confidence to be who I wanted to be because of wha...  

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Kennedy’s Weight Loss Story

I have spent my whole life being overweight, from a young child, all the way through my teen years and into early adulthood. I tried every single diet, pill and life style change I read about and nothing stuck. I had thought about the idea of weight loss surgery but was very hesitant and nervous.I did some research and discovered Tonic, from day one they were supportive, informative and just lovely to talk to. No question was silly to them and they really went into detail about every step ...  

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Chanelle’s Weight Loss Story

I had a gastric sleeve with Tonic Surgery a year ago and lost 8 stone I feel amazing! Life Before Surgery  Before surgery I couldn’t cope with doing anything strenuous and I couldn’t spend time with my children in the way I wanted to. My eating was out of control and I had been yo-yoing. I’ve been every size of clothes you can think of, ranging from a size 4 to 20. I got into an unhealthy cycle of binging and emotionally eating, it really impacted my weight and overall health. This dire...  

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Rachaels Weight Loss Story

I weighed 20st 11lbs before surgery, my dress size was between a 20-22.  Life Before Surgery Before surgery I felt so down about my health and size. I was not confident at all and would never go out with friends. I actually had inflammation in my feet where it hurt to walk around. I struggled putting weight on my feet it was so painful, mentally it got to me as well. At work I would just be tired all the time and would be out of breath walking up and down the stairs (embarrassing). I didn't r...  

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Vicky’s Weight Loss Story

Before surgery I weighed 20 stone 3.5lb / 128.6kg and a dress size 30. Life Before surgery  I felt lost, would look in the mirror and not recognise it was me. My self esteem was non existent & took I no pride in myself anymore as felt it was pointless. Hardly ever went out to socialise, any attempted at even gentle exercise left me in pain even bending down to tie my shoe lace was an effort & hurt. I had no energy to play properly with my children which was heartbreaking. I had tried ...  

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Marc’s Weight Loss Story

I have always been a happy person, I never let my weight bother me as such but I went to LA a few years ago with some friends and we went to some theme parks and there were some rides that I couldn't fit on because of my size. I was nearly 25stone then and I thought then that I needed to do something. I tried doing all the weight watchers and the slimming worlds and nothing stayed off and I was recommended Tonic by my fiancé and I looked into it and it all went from there. Watch Marc's life-ch...  

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Jasmine’s Weight Loss Story

Prior to my surgery I was nearly 25 stone and I was ill - I had diabetes, sleep apnea and I'd need an extendable seatbelt every time that I flew. I was a girl in my 20's and I wanted to go travelling and see the world but I really felt my weight was holding me back and it was embarrassing. I tried various different weight loss programs, diets, you name it I'd tried it! Watch Jasmine's amazing Weight Loss StoryMy Tonic Experience I had a gastric sleeve in June 2019 with T...  

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