Staying on track this summer

After weight loss surgery special occasions such as weddings and summer holidays can
bring a mixture of emotions. We may feel less restricted by our weight and look forward
to them more, whilst also being a little anxious about how to navigate them and stay on
track. When thinking about this time of year, planning ahead, and focusing on your long-term goals and how you want to feel can be really helpful.
Here are some strategies to help you enjoy the summer with more confidence and less




At weddings and other special occasions, the food and drink served is often less than
ideal if you are trying to stick to healthier food habits.

• Think about the social aspect of these events and try not to overly focus on the
food. Try engaging more in conversations, catching up with friends and family,
talking to new people and participating in activities to help you to stay occupied
and enjoy the occasion.

• If the hosts ask about dietary requirements, let them know about any options that
may suit your needs better.

• Depending on where you are at in your weight loss journey, allowing yourself to
have a range of foods but in moderation can be helpful.

• If it is an occasion where you are asked to bring a dish, take one that is high in
protein and will help you to feel fuller for longer.

• If your meal timings are going to be different it is important to avoid a feast,
famine cycle as this can trigger cravings. Make sure meals around the occasion
are balanced and well-timed to ensure you avoid overeating.




Special days out and trips away can disrupt our usual eating routine and potentially
make it easier to grab food quickly and eat less mindfully.

• Research meal/restaurant options before you go and think about what you would
like to choose.

• Depending on where you are going, a picnic or self-catering can be a way of
helping you to stay in control of your food choices.

• Think about the elements of the day/trip that you anticipate enjoying that aren’t
food related. For example, you could engage your other senses. What are you
looking forward to seeing, hearing, smelling, experiencing?

• Make time for regular meals so you avoid the urge to overeat at the end of the

• Ensure you carry water or plan when/where you will be able to have a drink.