Patient Story: Tina’s Story

Tonic Surgery helped me be the person I always longed to be………. Hi im Tina and my story is probably very similar to everyone else who is considering any weight loss surgery. I was a fat child over fed and unhappy. My first diet was when I was 12 years old. I was determined to be like most of my friends – not fat – not skinny – just normal. I lost 3 and a half stone at 12 and remember feeling so good and so proud of myself and felt happy, but that did not last very long. I would say that within a year I went back to my normal eating habits and the weight went back on and that is when my yo – yo dieting of misery began. This carried on for years going up and down in weight and always feeling I was forever on a diet and still end up being fat!!! so at the age of 39 due to my dear father passing I was fortunate to be left some extra money for me and my children so I decided that I would spend my share on a gastric band. I knew at 14 stone the nhs would never fund it so I thought that this was my last chance. Anyway I went through every weight loss surgery clinic and had numerous appointments but they all seemed so mechanic – like they were practicing their words every day it just did not ring true until I found Tonic…… As soon as I met Kay and Chris I felt at ease like they were actually talking to me not a fat robot!! Anyway I decided to go with Tonic and I really have never looked back. Tonic and their team have always called me to see how I was doing, always there to help and told me so!! I have lost a total of 5 stone maybe up and down half a stone but having a gastic band with Tonic really did make me the person I always longed to be because I wasn’t just a number but a person who has struggled for years over weight and they understood and were always there to advise me on any problems. The only advise I can give is that no weight loss surgery is a miracle worker and you really do have to work with the band. It may take some time getting the band to be at the right stage but it worked for me and I’m sure it can work for you. It’s all trial and error and if your patient and determined you will feel the way me and lots of other people do but you have to have the right partnership and Tonic was really good for me.

Tina, UK

*Weight Loss Surgery Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.
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