Patient Story: Sue’s Story

There I was two family weddings past and still a size 22 after a lifetime of diets, pills boot camps and starvation. One phone call to TONIC and my slim future awaited me. Consultation with the surgeon was organised and he was supportive and spoke with care and kindness whilst imparting medical information. No pressure just the facts and predicted results. No sales talk here just medical facts. Everything was arranged; transport to and from hospital, blood tests literature was given again and everything explained. After surgery the same care and support was available when needed. Although all was explained before my procedure I still did not fully understand and needed it explaining over again. This was done with kindness and patience with the understanding of where I was at as a patient. The reassurance and patience has continued whenever I have needed it and I have successfully lost over 6 stone in 10 months following surgery. Sue Cunningham after surgery My health has improved 100% and whilst my friends of the same age are facing hip and knee replacements and blood tests every week, I’m planning my next scuba diving holiday as a size 10. Vanity was part of the reason for the surgery but continuing great health is the by product that has been achieved and why I continue to listen to It was a fortuitous phone call from TONIC but I can honestly say it changed by life and gave me back my confidence to face the world and not hide because of my size.advise and seek and gain support from all at TONIC. I rely on a lot of experts in my life, my dentist my GP the guys who do my nails and hair and TONIC is my expert for my weight as they monitor for 2 years and continue with the support and assistance. There is a whole team approach with TONIC and you feel part of a family not part of a production line. There lies the difference between TONIC and other weight loss companies. I recommend TONIC as all you have to lose is your excess weight .

Sue Cunningham, Australia

*Weight Loss Surgery Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.


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