Patient Story: Kieran’s Story

I want to say the biggest thanks possible to everyone at tonic. With the help of the entire team, and the best care at the hospital, I have achieved something I never believed possible. From having my sleeve gastrectomy done in May 2015, to now – October 2015, I have lost an incredible 7 stone. Alongside this I have also dropped 12″ off of my waist and dropped 3 top sizes. I knew having such a big procedure done was going to change my life, I also knew there were going to be so many challenges too. But I never expected to achieve something so amazing so soon. Before having the gastrectomy, I read every story on every corner of the Internet including the tonic website trying to piece together everyone’s experience of this procedure. Nothing I found would compare to the experience I have had, it has been hard learning new eating habits and drowning out the old ones. It’s also been hard for me to go from big portions to absolutely tiny portions. I think the biggest struggle has been such a dramatic change in appetite and not enjoying some of the foods I did before. But despite hard times, every time I look in the mirror I am reminded how lucky I am. Being only 20, this was the biggest decision I have been faced with and the biggest challenge I’ve ever had. Every single person I have came into contact with at tonic have been so helpful and have made this journey so much easier and pleasurable. I would recommend tonic and this procedure to anyone who feels they want to change their life and be healthier. Thanks again, the job each and every person does at tonic is so admirable and significant.

Kieran Merry, UK

*Weight Loss Surgery Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.


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