Tonic Toolkit

A supportive toolkit (complimentary for all Tonic Patients)

Tonic ToolkitThe Toolkit includes:

  1. Tonic Bariatric Plate

    Our portion control plate is designed with our patients needs in mind. It provides helpful nutritional guidance on food types and portion sizes.

  2. Tonic Water Bottle

    It’s important to keep hydrated, our Tonic Water Bottles are just the remedy to keep you sipping throughout the day and on the go.

  3. WLS Guide Membership

    The Weight Loss Surgery Guide website forum grants users access to a range of offers, to connect patients to each other and lots of information, recipe’s and fitness tips.

  4. Bariatric Surgery Restaurant Card

    This credit card sized Restaurant card fits perfectly in your wallet or purse and is useful for letting restaurants know discretely that you have undergone surgery and that you would like a smaller sized portion of food.

  5. Resistance Band

    Tonic resistance bands are a great way to start increasing fitness levels for low impact beginners to advanced workouts.

The Tonic Toolkit is FREE for all our Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Patients. Individual items can be purchased on our Online Shop – Click here to visit our store.