Gastric Revisional Surgery – Find out more

Gastric Revisional Surgery is just one of the amazing weight loss surgery options we offer at Tonic Weight Loss.

Benefits of Gastric Revisional Surgery:

IMPROVEMENTS IN WEIGHT RELATED PROBLEMS – It can reduce the risk of heart related issues and weight associated issues such as arthritis and joint pain.

INCREASED CHANCE OF AMAZING WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS – The average weight loss patients typically experience is 10-50% more than other weight loss options.

LESS NEED FOR FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS – You do not need to attend for adjustments or follow up appointments like with other options.

*Weight Loss Surgery Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.*

At Tonic Weight Loss Surgery not only do we pride ourselves in providing outstanding weight loss procedures performed by leading bariatric surgeons, but we also make sure that post surgery you have the bespoke network of support around you to ensure you reach your weight loss goals and transform your life. Our free 5 year aftercare package includes personal trainers, psychotherapists, dietitian’s and 24/7 specialist nurses.

Want to find out more information about Gastric Revisional Surgery or any of the bariatric surgeries we offer at Tonic Weight Loss speak to one our expert weight loss team today and book your free consultation with a bariatric surgeon to find the best option suited to your needs.

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