Gastric Band – Find out more

Gastric Band surgery is just one of the bariatric surgery options we offer at Tonic Weight Loss Surgery.

The adjustable gastric band (known as lap banding) acts as a restrictive procedure. A silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pouch above the band, about the size of a golf ball and a large pouch below the band.This creates an hour glass appearance and it functions by limiting the amount of food you can eat. You should feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food and feel fuller for a longer period of time.The gastric band can be tightened or loosened and will need adjusting from time to time.

Benefits of Gastric Band:

REVERSIBLE – It is reversible – the gastric band can be removed and the stomach generally returns to normal.

FEWER RISKS THAN GASTRIC BYPASS – There are fewer risks and side effects than with gastric bypass surgery.

ADJUSTABLE AND INDIVIDUALISED – The gastric band is adjustable to allow for individualised restriction and long term weight loss rate.

SHORTER RECOVERY TIME AND HOSPITAL STAY – There is reduced patient pain, shorter recovery time and hospital stay with a gastric band.

SMALL INCISIONS AND MINIMAL SCARRING – Gastric band incisions are small and scarring is minimal.

*Weight Loss Surgery Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.*

At Tonic Weight Loss Surgery not only do we pride ourselves in providing outstanding weight loss procedures performed by leading bariatric surgeons, but we also make sure that post surgery you have the bespoke network of support around you to ensure you reach your weight loss goals and transform your life. Our free 5 year aftercare package includes personal trainers, psychotherapists, dietitian’s and 24/7 specialist nurses.

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