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How To Avoid Over Indulging This Christmas

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Did you know the average person eats over 7,000 Calories on Christmas day alone!

Follow our top tips to avoid over indulging this festive season…

1. Portion Control

Christmas revolves around extravagant comfort food and high calorie buffets. Be sure to stop mid day snacking by starting the day with a protein rich breakfast to avoid cravings through the day. Use the small plate technique and only allow your self one helping of the party food spread. Stick to vegetable based canapés, low fat dips and avoid foods like cheese and pastries. Before you fill your plate be sure to scan the selection first to pick out the healthiest options.

2. Arm yourself with healthy alternatives

Just because they are usually on offer at your grocery store doesn’t mean you should fill your shopping basket with calorific snacks such as crips and chocolate. Make your own delicious treats and take them with you to stop you impulse buying when your hungry. Fruit, nuts and seeds are a great snack for keeping cravings at bay. If you are going to a party and worry that there wont be any healthy options – eat a filling healthy meal before you go so you wont be tempted to eat anything you know you probably shouldn’t there.

3. Keep Moving

It may be difficult to fit a full exercise into your busy social calendar over christmas but even fitting in a 30 min brisk minute walk to your daily routine will help you feel better and keep you on track. A short walk will also support digestion and avoid feeling bloated so you are sure to reap the benefits. Hitting a christmas party? Well get your dancing shoes on because dancing can burn up to 443 calories an hour!

4. Avoid high calorie drinks

Wine and beer are the worst culprits for unnecessarily increasing your calorie in take. Alcohol not only high in calories also makes you dehydrated and less aware so you are more likely to give into temptation to reach for those indulgent treats. Opt for a flute of bubbly rather than a glass of wine and you’ll half the calories and also be able to control your portion size. Sip a sugar free soft drink between drinks and hopefully you wont have a hangover the next morning.

5. Re-charge and Focus

December is a great time to reflect on your achievements over the past year and to set goals for the next. Remember to think about what your health and wellness as equal to work aspirations – its easy to lose sight and become stressed and tired which can lead to lack of sleep and forget about your diet. Its also a time to chill out and catch up with family and friends – use this as an alternative treat to food.

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