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Patient Story: Tina’s Story

Tonic Surgery helped me be the person I always longed to be………. Hi im Tina and my story is probably very similar to everyone else who is considering any weight loss surgery. I was a fat child over fed and unhappy. My first diet was when I was 12 years old. I was determined to be […]

Patient Story: Deborah’s Story

This is me in August 2011, I am 5ft 5 inches tall and I weigh 19st 12lb. My body mass index is 46.2 which is classified as morbid obesity.Being a person on the large size I have also received my fair share of discrimination and verbal abuse, both from childhood thought to present day. All […]

Patient Story: Sue’s Story

There I was two family weddings past and still a size 22 after a lifetime of diets, pills boot camps and starvation. One phone call to TONIC and my slim future awaited me. Consultation with the surgeon was organised and he was supportive and spoke with care and kindness whilst imparting medical information. No pressure just […]

Patient Story: Tina M’s Story

In April 2012 I had a Gastric Band fitted with Tonic Cosmetic & Weight Loss Surgery Group. Tina Before and After I can honestly say that it has been the best thing that I have ever done. I have always battled with my weight since childhood and have always yo-yo dieted through the years losing […]

Patient Story: Lauren’s Story

I’m so proud of myself, but it’s still work in progress! I’ll get there! But 9.5 stone, I’m happy with that! Lauren Franks, UK *Weight Loss Surgery Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.  

Patient Story: Emily’s Story

Thank you, I feel so happy and I love my life so much now. Thank you sooooo much Kay and all at tonic xxxx Emily Sherratt, UK *Weight Loss Surgery Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.  

Patient Story: Sharon’s Story

This is me, Sharon Cargill, aged 55, weighing 18stone, wearing size 24-26 clothes. After years of trying every diet there is and spending hundreds of pounds on shakes, soups and slimming clubs I had had enough. I picked up the phone and spoke to the girls at Tonic Clinic. I asked lots of questions and […]

Patient Story: Kieran’s Story

I want to say the biggest thanks possible to everyone at tonic. With the help of the entire team, and the best care at the hospital, I have achieved something I never believed possible. From having my sleeve gastrectomy done in May 2015, to now – October 2015, I have lost an incredible 7 stone. […]